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NES Atlas: Star Wars (Aglar’s Speed Run)

An NES Atlas video featuring Aglar's "Star Wars" Speed Run in 1080p.


NES Atlas: Mega Man 3 (Magnet Man)

An NES Atlas video featuring Magnet Man's stage of Aglar's "Mega Man 3" Speed Run in 1080p.


SNES Atlas: Super Metroid (Norfair)

An (April Fools) SNES Atlas video featuring the level Norfair from "Super Metroid" in 1080p.


Sega Atlas: Desert Strike (Teaser)

A teaser for my next project "Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf" where I actually play through the first level of the game! I am not using a tool-assisted speed run due to none being available. This also gives me the idea to soon start accepting viewer-created movie files (controller input files for emulators) so that others may see their game play footage "atlasized." If interested in participating, let me know and also check out http://tasvideos.org for instructions on playing emulation.


King Harkinian’s “Golden Brown”

King Harkinian sings "Golden Brown" nice and gently.


CD-I Remember

Link sings a snippet from deadmau5's "I Remember" in glorious fashion.


Chair Yoga for Seniors: Advanced Techniques

Hip Openers, Forward Folds, Side Stretches, and Mindful Meditation are healthy yoga exercises that can help senior citizens alleviate stress. Learn some of these and more with chair yoga for seniors from a registered yoga teacher in this free exercise video.


Sega Atlas: Sonic 2 (Wing Fortress Zone)

A Sega Atlas video featuring Wing Fortress Zone of Nitsuja's "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" Speed Run in 1080p.


Snuggle Softness

The Snuggle Bears All


No Holds Hogan

Hulk Hogan meets his worst enemy.