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Sega Atlas: Desert Strike (Teaser)

A teaser for my next project "Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf" where I actually play through the first level of the game! I am not using a tool-assisted speed run due to none being available. This also gives me the idea to soon start accepting viewer-created movie files (controller input files for emulators) so that others may see their game play footage "atlasized." If interested in participating, let me know and also check out http://tasvideos.org for instructions on playing emulation.

Also, I have attempting to increase YouTube quality playback by rendering this at double the resolution (3840x2160). The results are pretty positive I must say, but still not pixel-perfect like I'm seeing playing the movie locally.

I hope you enjoy and I'd love to know whether you have any comments / suggestions / etc. or a game request!

It will be a week or two month or two before this is actually finished so stay tuned.

Atlas Map borrowed from DarkWolf of VGMaps.com and can be found here:

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