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Final Jeopardy!: Insane Edition

Jeopardy Insane Edition

Jeopardy Insane Edition

Who will win the Final Jeopardy round?!


Norwich Harbor Time-Lapse

The people converge on Howard T. Brown Park at the Norwich, CT harbor in preparation for a fireworks display.

Filmed on July 10, 2011.


A Time-lapse Drive: Around Oakdale, CT

A quick drive around Oakdale, CT.


A Time-lapse Drive: To Laurel Hill and Back

A quick drive to Laurel Hill of Norwich, CT and back.


A Time-lapse Drive: Norwich, CT to Westerly, RI

A drive from Norwich, Connecticut to Westerly, Rhode Island.


A Time-lapse Drive: Wally World

A drive down the west side of Norwich, CT to Wally World.


A Time-lapse Drive: Rainy Commute

A rainy day commute to work.


A Time-lapse Drive: Lost in DC

While driving back home from our honeymoon in Virginia we get lost right in the heart of Washington D.C.


A Time-lapse Drive: Late Night McDonalds

A late night McDrive to McDonalds.


A Time-lapse Drive: Westerly, RI to Norwich, CT

I drive from Westerly, Rhode Island to Norwich, Connecticut.

The purpose of the trip was originally a 12-pack of Rolling Rock since liquor stores are closed in CT on Sundays, but I decided to film the experience and put it to some music.